Weight Loss in italy - Let Your Body Look After Itself

 Everyone thinks they know all about how to lose weight and get fit but people don't know anything these days because they're using technology and information  from back in the days of the 1950's.

Back when we had black and/or white televisions.

These days our food doesn't work the way it used to. You see, the 1950's is when they started doing nuclear testing and it ruined the soil(where our food comes from) in most parts of the world.

Now when food grows it has basically no nutritional value so our bodies are not able to identify what the heck it is...Our bodies are unable to digest this modern 'food'.

Weight loss and vitality

If ever you look at some sort of confectionery you'll notice a long list of of complex chemicals on the side...Do you know what they are? Is it part of the phone book at Nasa? No. It's the ingredients - we're eating that stuff. 

Oh dear.

Those are the things that your body will not understand...so what happens? Your body will not understand what they are so it will store it as as fat, making you fatter.

Your body is saying," I don't know if this can be digested by me so I will just keep it over here and save it for later".

And doing a lot of push ups or jumping Jacks or horse riding will not help you. You have to get to the root of the problem.

Fitness and health ideas

One of the other roots of the problem of not losing weight easily is the flora in your gut.  It becomes knocked out of balance thanks to all the modern food we are putting in our mouths.

You are going to notice a difference when it comes to that. If you have perfect digestion, like a child, you will know it.

The flora in your gut is the body's second brain - I hear.

At the moment I personally recommend a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water every day.

A bit of ACV in water can get your digestion back...and your stomach acid...Stomach acid diminishes as we get older.

You can try and do push ups if you want or you can try and run a long distance on your treadmill or - spend ages doing sit-ups - but in the end it's a bio-electrical reaction in the body that needs to be maintained and modern food has messed with our circuitry.

It has removed the transistors and replaced them with resistors or capacitors... you understand the analogy I'm trying to make - right?

What I'm saying is -if the body is electrochemically balanced properly - weight loss kind-of takes care of itself.

You can eat pretty much anything you want and you will digest it easily. That's why children always seem to be fit because children digest things very easily. They could probably eat a bicycle and still get hungry for dinner.

Sauerkraut is also very good food for digestion.

Fruit and vegetables are also very good for health reasons. Eat a pear. Pears have a lot of fibre in them so they can do some amazing tricks. If you eat a pear and drink a bit of water later it is absorbed by the fibre and turns into an intestinal broom and cleans you out...I can't believe i said that.

But at the moment I feel guilty because in a few moments time I'm going to be eating lasagna. Tonight the people at McDonald's gave me the wrong fries. I was going to complain but I still ate them. I wanted the shaker fries with the Mexican Salt.

By the way, I think I am salt deficient. Just remember that sea salt from the sea contains about 90 minerals and and table salt only contains two minerals - sodium and chloride. What a ripoff.


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